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Execupay Payroll Service Software

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Execupay Payroll

Execupay Payroll

Obviously the heard of Execupay Suite is Execupay Payroll.  Designed to handle any payroll, with virtually unlimited everything:

  • Paycodes, Deductions, Memos
  • Custom Calculations
  • Labor Distributions
  • Job Costing
  • Taxations

Yet while being able to handle any payroll situation, Execupay Payroll maintains the ultimate in user interface efficiency and ease of use.



With all the press over the recent COBRA changes, Execupay has jumped to the opportunity of bring our clients an array of robust COBRA offerings.

COBRA Credit Processing
As assumed we can easily handle processing COBRA credits on quarterly 941 returns. But many employers do not want to wait for their refunds, so we have provided an easy yet comprehensive way to record, track and apply COBRA credits to per payroll 941 payments.

COBRA Management
We have added a new module to PlatinumHR for employers to track and manage all aspects of their COBRA process. It automates workflow and notifications, while maintaining all required documentation rules. 

COBRA Services
Execupay has formed a partnership with DataPath to provide integrated full COBRA Services to Execupay Licensees.