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Gerald's Blog
Strategic HR vs Tactical HR

Strategic HR vs Tactical HR

What a bunch of buzz words!  Though it may sound buzz-ish, it has a very practical meaning.  Most HR systems targeted to the mid-market and below subscribe to the Tactical HR approach, rather than a Strategic HR.

So what is Strategic HR vs Tactical HR?

Tactical HR is the process of automating mundane administrative HR tasks and storing additional HR fields.  This is every payroll system that claims to have HR because they offer a number of additional fields to store information.  I call this type of HR, Excel HR because there is nothing that is done in those systems that could not also be handled in Microsoft Excel.  This is what most small and mid-market payroll clients have to live with, because it is all that is offered. 

Strategic HR is the mindset that your workforce is your most valuable asset, and more care should go into managing that asset than any other company asset.  That human resource management should be viewed as a strategic competitive advantage more than as an administrative liability.  In the past, only very high-end HR and ERP systems offered this type of Strategic HR functionality. 


Execupay’s PlatinumHR helps your clients automate their administrative human resource chores, while delivering the tools to better manage their workforce and maximize their human capital.  This includes modules like:

·         Payroll Manager

·         Employee Relationship Manager

·         Recruitment Manager

·         Performance Manager

·         HR Dashboards

·         Document Manager

·         OSHA Manager

·         COBRA Manager

·         Employee Self-Service

·         Manager Self-Service


We are proud to say that PlatinumHR has “several firsts” for our industry:

·         First HR system built on a time-tested, high-volume payroll service bureau platform.

·         First HR system to offer an ERM.

·         First HR system to offer enterprise-class, strategic features targeted for the mid-market (or even small market)

More than likely, your clients and prospects are already asking for better HR tools.  Giving them what they want is easy.



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Ticket tracking, “Today” page for scheduling and integrating daily tasks, managing workflow bureau-wide and by operator, and paperless document storage for the service bureau.  Learn more.